The Olberts of Olomouc

Sigma’s 2012 Czech Cup success brought some welcome attention to the footballing backwater of Olomouc, located to the east in the Republic’s Moravian region. Past historical highlights had been rather thin on the ground and this was the first silverware won by the club.

In the mid-1960s a different team from Olomouc had attracted attention for a curious distinction that set them aside from any other in the world. The team was christened Olbert Olomouc and it was the brainchild of 63-year-old local greengrocer, Josef Olbert. As well as founding and coaching the team, Josef had another vital role in its creation – he had sired every one of its players.

His ambition to form a family team was inspired by a popular Czech short story from the 1920s written by Eduard Bass and entitled “The Chattertooth Eleven.” In the story, Dad Chattertooth dreams that his eleven sons form a family team which enjoys great success at home and abroad. He is thrilled when his dreams come true.

Olbert Olomouc became a real-life Chattertooth XI when the youngest Olbert brother, Andrej, turned 16 and completed the line-up alongside his ten brothers. Josef’s grand plan and hard work was finally realised, although, having given birth to 11 sons in 19 years, perhaps his poor wife deserves a bit more of the credit for bringing Olbert Olomouc into the world!

Dad (63), Vladislav (35), Josef (31), Otakar (34), Tomas (30), Janos (25) and Petos (24)
Front: Otik (29), Lubos (23), Stanislav (32), Andrej (16) and Bohous (26)

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