Burnley Vintage 1951-60

EnglandEven in this modern age of the game there’s something resolutely old-fashioned about Burnley Football Club. Whether it’s the emotive claret and blue colours, the throwback lettering on the strips or enduring memories of proper northern characters like Bob Lord, the little Englander owner who loved the sound of his own voice, and long serving manager Harry Potts; the name of Burnley will always invoke a post-war era when a small club from Lancashire could become champions of England through clever use of meagre resources and proper northern graft.

This Burnley Vintage post gathers up a collection of striking club and player imagery from the 1951 to 1960 period, a heady era when a fine team came together and shocked the nation to become champions in 1960. Click on any of the images to open the Gallery.


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