Hungary Vintage 1960-68

HungaryHungary is the latest nation to star in our Vintage series as we share an eclectic selection of retro images from the game there during the 1960s.

This was the second great generation of Hungarian football and while it wasn’t touched with the same genius as the Mighty Magyars from the 1950s, any nation on earth would have loved to be able to select world-class stars like Ferenc Bene and Flórián Albert.

2 thoughts on “Hungary Vintage 1960-68

  1. I really am enjoying reading these. i just about remember seeing Albert play for Ferencvaros v Leeds in the Fairs Cup final. It’s really sad the change in attitudes of the eastern bloc in some ways also brought about a slight decline in their talent.

    1. There was little motivation for players like Albert, Bene, Farkas & co. None were professional as such although they were paid, though nothing like their contemporaries in the west. And then they had no official prospects of a transfer meaning their careers stalled rather early.

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