Uwin Sportswear 1961-69

A Word From Our SponsorsAnother forgotten sportswear company for you today in the form of Uwin, a modest-sized player in the shirt manufacture market during the 60s and 70s.

The company had a handful of supply contracts with clubs like West Ham and some individual endorsements with Bobby Moore (who put his name to anything) and a young, before-he-was-famous Allan ‘Sniffer’ Clarke too. Despite these best efforts Uwin was unable to grow sufficiently to become the household name they craved.

3 thoughts on “Uwin Sportswear 1961-69

  1. My dad was the warehouse manager for Uwin – which was part of the William Pickles Group. He worked first at Charterhouse Buildings in London and then at their offices in Goswell Road when they relocated the warehouse to Arnold in Nottingham. Their main logo was a rugby player called FAT FRED and he was in charge of the eventual liquidation of the Company when the entire group crashed – he worked in Nottingham for about three months to do this. He and my mum retired to Milton Keynes and he lived to 1998 when at 74 he passed away from pancreatic cancer. We buried him with a Fat Fred tie in his coffin. Thanks for the memories of Uwin Sportswear.

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