Liverpool Vintage 1964-69

EnglandThis is the second post in our Liverpool Vintage series which features more imagery of the players driving the club’s 1960s transformation into the modern and world renowned institution we still recognise it as today.

Shankly’s side stylishly won the title in 1964 just two years after promotion and watching various club captains hoist assorted silverware would become the most regular of occurrences for Liverpool fans over the next quarter of a century. Within the years featured in this post Liverpool also won an FA Cup in 1965 and another title in 1966, the same year they reached the Cup Winners Cup Final.

One thought on “Liverpool Vintage 1964-69

  1. At the risk of sounding my age. I really do miss how football was played back then. None of this diving and screaming. Good hard honest football with lots of British talent. Been a red all my life and loved this era under Shankly.

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