Chaussures Boots 1966-70

A Word From Our SponsorsOur latest retro football boot advertising hark-back throws up something of an oddity as we’re featuring the French firm Chaussures, active in European markets for a handful years in the late 1960s and early 1970s. It’s something of a surprise that they sold any boots at all, what with their quite terrible advertising campaigns.

Using a scantily dressed young lady to promote your products was a common, if unimaginative approach to marketing back then. Similarly, using an animal as a company motif was and always will be a marketing stock in trade – although Chaussures’s choice of a motley looking polar bear offers up little to suggest any footballing context if truth be told.

But desperately combining your unconvincing, random sexy lady and your odd, talking, upright polar bear in a single advert just produces one of the most surreal and inept attempts to promote a sporting product you are ever likely to see.

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