Gola Sportswear 1975-91

A Word From Our SponsorsWe’ve previously published a couple of posts looking back at the advertising history of Gola Boots from the 1960s through to the 1980s as part of our A Word From Our Sponsors series. Gola got in touch with us and kindly offered a set of great retro colour images and other ephemera taken mostly from their 1970s catalogues to share with you. While not the major player in the sportswear market it once was, Gola is alive and well and actively promoting its weighty retro heritage.

The company’s Marketing Manager Donna Hill told us:

“Gola is one of the oldest sportswear brands in the UK, and we wanted to celebrate our brand’s heritage with a nostalgic look at our own marketing history, and share these with a site like Beyond the Last Man that shares our real passion for the history of British football and sportswear. We wanted these retro shots to transport people back to the past. What’s also interesting is the contrast between these older marketing methods and the way we work today – there are some key differences, but there are some similarities too.”


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