The Lost Champions Of Denmark & Sweden Reimagined

DenmarkWe detailed their histories and their demises in our previous article and now our five Danish and Swedish Lost Champions have their kits reimagined for modern times. Chris Oakley from Kitbliss has reworked each to give an insight into how they might look were these former national champions still active and playing today.

The Lost Champions of Denmark & Sweden Reimagined

SwedenWhen it came to selecting which kit manufacturer we used for each team, Hummel was the obvious choice for Denmark. The four Danish kit designs here all feature the unique Hummel touches which invoke the spirit of the 1986 Danish Dynamite national team. Click any of the designs below to enlarge

One thought on “The Lost Champions Of Denmark & Sweden Reimagined

  1. Muito intêrressantes essas reimaginações das equipes d e futebol da Dinamarca e Suécia,

    fiquei contente em conseguir o escudo do Goteborgs I F , campeão da Suécia, envia ao site escudosfutebolclube,onde sou colaborador.

    * também procuro o escudo do clube Yangzee F C , da Coréia do Sul , foi vice campeão da Ásia
    ** Clubes campeões do Vaticano : A S CIRIONI , SERVICI TECNICI , TELEPOSTE

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