The Lost Champions Of Yugoslavia Reimagined

YugoslaviaWe told the tale of the Lost Champions Of Yugoslavia earlier this week with its four former title-winning clubs forced out of existence just after the end of the Second World War for political reasons.

Well, seven decades later the quartet are back and reimagined as part of our regular collaboration with Kitbliss guru Chris Oakley. Each of the clubs has had its strip reworked for the modern age with all due nods to historical precedent.

The Lost Champions of Yugoslavia Reimagined

Modern economic necessity dictates that these clubs would carry shirt sponsors were they active today, so we’ve assigned commercial partners we consider relevant in the circumstances. Concordia Zagreb take on Croatia’s main telecom company, Gradanski Zagreb team up with Agrokor, the retail giant and Croatia’s biggest company, while HASK Zagreb‘s student roots are reflected through their tie-in with the University of Zagreb.

Over in Belgrade, SK Jugoslavija adopt our friends at Balkanist news and current affairs website as their sponsorship partner of choice. This piece is part of our Lost Champions series. Click on any of the images to enlarge.



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