The Slovenian Derby: Olimpija Ljubljana v Maribor 1965

YugoslaviaWe post some fairly niche material on BTLM and on the surface this video post featuring a 1965 Yugoslav Second League West derby between Olimpija Ljubljana and Maribor might seem almost wilfully anti-populist.

But to miss out on this charming little movie would be a real shame as it’s shot with an expert eye and beautifully captures something of the fan culture and match experience of the era. The game itself is cast in a supporting role with the focus firmly on the build-up to the game, the vibrancy of the terraces during the action and the aftermath once the final whistle has blown.

A little more context for you. This was a vital promotion match with both teams chasing a first-ever promotion to the Yugoslav First League. Olimpija Ljubljana won the game and ultimately the divisional title with Maribor finishing adrift in third spot.

So sit back and enjoy ten minutes of copious but good-natured drinking, babies in prams, dogs, horns, fires on the terraces and a whole lot of cowbell  – perfect if you have a fever and the only prescription is more cowbell.

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