Pendle Sportswear 1988-96

Pendle Sportswear have a 42-year history of selling direct to grassroots football clubs. In the early 1970’s, Phil Hall started his own football team, Charterac FC. When it came to ordering football kit, Phil found the process to be complicated, expensive, and time-consuming. So, he decided it was time to find a better way, even if that meant creating it himself. The idea was simple: to cut out the middleman and supply kits directly to clubs. This allowed Pendle to offer the best quality, delivery and price possible. It is the same model that Pendle continues to build on to this day.

Pendle is a family run business with a proud history. Their old brochures are a great example of the journey the company has taken. Phil is very protective of his copies of the brochure but will happily take you on a trip down memory lane if you ask nicely. Initially run out of the Hall family home, Pendle has come a long way since 1977 but the company has grown beyond those humble beginnings. As football and fashion changed, so did Pendle. What has always remained, is the focus on quality kit and their brochures let the items speak for themselves.



One thought on “Pendle Sportswear 1988-96

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