Bobby Charlton Boots 1960-66

A Word From Our SponsorsAs was befitting of one of the world’s best footballers during the 1960s, Bobby Charlton was a highly desirable figure for sportswear companies to have their products associated with.

It wasn’t simply his great talent with the ball and his high-profile career with Manchester United and England that attracted them. On a personal level Bobby’s image as a dignified family man living a decent and sober life chimed much more with the values of what was still a socially conservative middle England than the hedonistic, swinging 60’s lifestyle of his teammate George Best.

Among Bobby’s many personal endorsements was a long-standing relationship with boot maker Bozeat. While many footballers were paid to wear a manufacturer’s boot, few had weighty enough reputations to have existing boots re-branded and marketed under their names like Bobby Charlton.

2 thoughts on “Bobby Charlton Boots 1960-66

  1. How did Bozeat square that with Adidas ?
    We’re they Adidas boots rebranded as you say by Bozeat with BC’s name whilst retaining Adidas three stripes?

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