Ostentatious Trophies Of Our Time – International Soccer League

PolandPolonia Bytom wins the International Soccer League in 1965. ‘The who wins the what when?’ I can hear you asking, but if success in this competitive oddity was good enough for West Ham a couple of seasons earlier, then it was good enough for a modest Polish club with a name borrowed from the Periodic Table.

The International Soccer League was the brainchild of US businessman William Cox who annually contracted a number of touring clubs during the European close season and pitched them together to play in a mini-League. The tournament ran between 1960 and 1965.

The trophy was really quite horrid: an elaborate winged goddess pinched from the top of a church chalice, a drooping middle that looked like a sad robot and a cheap base decorated with those footballer-in-action staples that you usually get given at your local pub team presentation evening. Polonia was the last club to lift it and, we presume, still have this monstrosity uglying up a trophy room somewhere.

International Soccer League

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