Shorts from Scandinavia

A second round-up in our regular  Shorts series with some odd facts and fascinating random retro stuff for you to ponder. Just for good measure we have made it a Scandinavian themed collection this week. Låt oss komma igång! (let’s get going).

Lyn Oslo cruised to the Norwegian title in 1968 with ease, dominating the League, breaking the division points record and winning the Norwegian Cup too for good measure. The club from the capital really didn’t have much of a time of it against fourth placed finishers Strømsgodset though. Following a crushing 10-1 defeat in their away League fixture, Lyn vowed to improve things in the return match at home. Lyn did indeed achieve a better outcome – they only lost 6-1 this time. Has any other club ever conceded double figures in a game during a title-winning season? BTLM would be surprised if there were other examples, but we’d love to hear of them.

Yet more on Lyn Oslo. In the season following their double success the club finished bottom of the ten team Norwegian 1st Division and were relegated. 1969 was no great year for defending champions in Europe – reigning West German title holders Nürnberg were relegated too.

BTLM has happened upon a curious result from the Swedish Second Division in 1965: Lira 33 Sunderby 1. A player named Kjell Johansson, who we must assume was a striker, scored 14 of the goals. Usually scorelines like this come in games that are mismatches in quality like Arbroath v Aberdeen Bon Accord, but this must be a record for a game featuring teams from the same division.

Kjetil Osvold was a Norwegian international midfielder in the 1980s who had brief and not especially successful spells in England with Nottingham Forest and Leicester. He had two distinctive claims to fame from his career though. Nutmegging Diego Maradona in a friendly international might be the pinnacle for most players, yet this counts for little when compared to his other feat. On one occasion and one occasion only, Osvold somehow managed to hit the stadium clock in Lillestrøm’s old Åråsen ground with a corner kick. BTLM is quite taken by this feat. It can find no pictures of said stadium or clock, but hey, clocks are generally sited some distance and some height from the field of play and hitting it must have been, surely, a one in a million thing. The only other player that BTLM can remember walloping an inappropriate piece of stadium with the ball is Hot Shot Hamish from Roy of the Rovers. The Tottenford Rovers striker had a habit of demolishing floodlights with wayward rocket shots. He never did a clock though.

A devoted and linguistically dextrous AIK Stockholm fan managed to reference his favourite club when naming each of his four newborn children during the 1960s. None of the names were remotely embarrassing either. The world duly welcomed Alv Ingvar Kenny, Annette Inge Karina, Alex Isidor Krister and Anders Isidor Knut. BTLM wonders if any of them grew up to support Djurgårdens.

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