Health & Efficiency – The Embrocation Issue

A Word From Our SponsorsYes, it’s here, that blog post about embrocation advertisements from the 1960s and 70s you’ve been waiting ages for. Hey wait, come back…..

In layman’s terms embrocation is simply a heat cream that’s rubbed in to the skin to relax muscles and ease joint pain. Unlike many of the charlatan products on the market at the time that claimed to aid and abet sportsmen in some spurious way, embrocation at least brought physically benefits for a player. It was a popular product and there was a strong market for competing companies pushing their own variations – as featured in the gallery below.

Still not convinced? Well I bet you would take the word of Harold Shepherdson over mine on the subject. Yes, the self-same Harold Shepherdson who was England’s trainer in the 1966 World Cup and gave his endorsement to the market leader, Ellimans. I’ve pulled out the big guns here and if Harold’s presence in this post doesn’t make you feel a lot more enthused about the subject of embrocation now than you did when you started reading this post, then I just give up. Really I do.

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