Derby Country Vintage 1973

EnglandOur second Derby County Vintage post assembles another collection of retro player and team images from the East Midlands club.

It’s all about 1973 here, a year that did not bring silverware but was significant all the same. Derby enjoyed its best-ever European campaign before exiting the European Cup at the semi-final stage, controversially, to Juventus. More telling still for the club were the departures of the architects of the club’s successes, Clough and Taylor, who resigned their management roles after a falling out with the board.

4 thoughts on “Derby Country Vintage 1973

  1. I remember the Clough debacle only too well. great manager he might have been, but we all know he could never learn to keep his mouth shut when it mattered. He had been on the Michael Parkinson show and basically insulted football chairman by saying that every time they opened their mouths it killed the game and they should be charged for bringing the game into disrepute for doing so. He was, I suspect, been tongue-in-cheek but Sam Longson failed to see it that way and Cloughie was forced to resign. Okay, they went on to win the league under Dave Mackay but it was nothing to what he could have won with that squad. As a Leeds fan they where the only team I feared us playing, it was definitely a huge loss to the club. I also remember the Derby player threatening to strike over his departures but they backed down after what was an unconfirmed threat the ban them all for life if they failed to turn out v Leicester the following Saturday.

    1. Longson was typical of the English club chairman of the time: pompous and self congratulatory, but he did dig deep to give Clough good money to spend at Derby. That was always a problem for Clough: he couldn’t manage up the chain of command, basically as he saw himself as top of the tree anyway. There’s that long-held myth that he’s the greatest manager England never had, but he would have been disastrous in that job.

  2. I totally agree with both of you and the word pompous may have been invented fr Clough himself. As far as England goes, he was never going to get the position regardless of what some (or rather himself) may have thought. He was interviewed but it was all cosmetic, Ron Greenwood had been chosen even before Clough was invited in by the FA, and when Revie was appointed his application went in the bin. I have a friend who was a club chairman at the time and so know a fair bit about the goings on at the FA in that period..

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