Blackburn Rovers Vintage 1951-83

EnglandToday’s post in our ongoing Vintage series features retro images of some of the leading lights at post-war Blackburn Rovers. The period we’re covering spans the 1950s through to the early 1980s, three somewhat unremarkable decades for a club with such a distinguished early history.

In the immediate post war years Rovers was a second division club that felt its natural place should be in the top flight. Fast forward a couple of decades and by the late 1970s the Ewood Park club had fallen away to become a Division 3 club with aspirations to be in the second tier.

In 1983 the start of the Jack Walker revolution was still a decade away and, with no trophy success since the FA Cup win of 1928, the notion that Rovers would win anything of note again would have been thought of as outlandish by the club’s long-suffering fans.

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