Diego Maradona at Napoli in Five Easy Steps

ArgentinaFive of the Argentinian maestro’s seminal Napoli performances. These clips are fascinating for demonstrating Maradona’s bewildering ball skills and the often brutal methods opponents would use to stop him displaying them.


Napoli 4 Lazio 0 February 1985
Midway through his debut season, this comprehensive 4-0 home win over Lazio was the day when Maradona came of age in Serie A. The Argentinian scored a fine hat-trick including a wonderful 30 yard lob from the most unlikely of positions.

Napoli 5 Verona 0, November 1985
The visitors were reigning Italian champions but had no answer for Maradona’s dominant performance. He was at the centre of everything good his team did and served up a stunning pièce de résistance with a brilliantly opportunist 35-yard-lob.

Juventus 1 Napoli 3, November 1986
Maradona failed to score in this game only thanks to the brilliance of Juve keeper Stefano Tacconi, but his overall performance – especially in the second half – was perhaps his best in a Napoli shirt. This was the visitors’ first win in Turin for 30 years and the performance still inspires the fondest of memories among supporters to this day.

Bayern Munich 2 Napoli 2, April 1989. UEFA Cup semi-final, second leg
Maradona’s best form during the 1988-89 season came in Napoli’s successful UEFA Cup campaign with Bayern Munich becoming the latest of the many teams that just couldn’t contain him. His fine performance in the Olympiastadion featured two assists for Careca,

Stuttgart 3 Napoli 3, May 1989 UEFA Cup Final Second Leg
A pivotal UEFA Cup winning performance by Napoli’s number 10 in the Neckarstadion. He provided two key assists: a headed one for Ciro Ferrara then another for Careca following a brilliant run from the half-way line.

Diego Maradona of Napoli SSC

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