Stoke City Vintage 1971-73

EnglandWith back-to-back FA Cup semi-finals in 1971 and 1972, the early 1970s would be fruitful years for Stoke City in Cup competitions. Wembley remained tantalisingly out of reach with both those ties lost to Arsenal, but the League Cup proved more accommodating. Stoke reached the 1972 Final and successfully overcame Chelsea at Wembley to give the club its only major trophy to date.

Some of the stars of the Potters stars of the era feature here in this second Stoke City Vintage post.

One thought on “Stoke City Vintage 1971-73

  1. Best Stoke side in my memory. Gazing at those Goal portraits takes me right back to my first days interested in football. I had Goal bought for me every Saturday. The head and shoulder pictures were always slightly too close, so you got a full glimpse of where the skin care products might have been a help had there been any in 1972.

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