Versus: England v England In European Club Competition

EnglandWith all-English Versus ties having been a regular fixture of European club competition over the past decade or so, it’s perhaps surprising that before Chelsea defeated Arsenal in the Champions League Quarter-Finals of 2004, you had to look all the way back to 1978 for the last all-English match-up.

In the last century England v England ties were not at all common with just 8 played over five decades, and just one of those in the European Cup – that 1978-79 First Round tie between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest. The modern rise of the number of Champions League participants per country and a successful era for English teams broadly changed that; a glut of these fixtures meaning that more all-English ties were played in the seven years between 2004 and 2011 than had been played in the 48 years before that.

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A dozen clubs have been involved in all-England ties with Chelsea and Liverpool comfortably having played the most, a bi-product of their statistically improbable run of fixtures against each other between 2005 and 2009. There’s been just two all English Finals – a similar number to Germany but fewer than Spain and Italy – and statistically the strongest team overall is Manchester United. The current League champions has never lost an overall tie to a fellow English side. Curiously Liverpool, England’s most successful club in Europe, has a rather more modest record against their compatriots.

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4 thoughts on “Versus: England v England In European Club Competition

  1. I remember seeing the Leeds v Liverpool SF at Elland Road (0-0), Leeds having won at Anfield 1-0 in the first leg. Leeds came up against Scottish opposition on at 4 occasions. It would be interesting to see the,stats for England/Scotland Euro clashes too.

  2. Thank you. Looking forward to it. Love the site too, discovered it by pure accident looking up 70’s football photo’s

  3. Interesting stats, think it pretty harsh viewing for Liverpool and Chelsea, form them to have a lower percentage then Leeds and Forrest. I think the table would be better with a minimum of 3 games played rule. Also, the table is based on a win percentage, but it is not worked out on how many times the teams have won? Can someone explain how the percentage has been worked out?

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