Johan Cruyff in Five Steps

NetherlandsFor this second post in our mini Cruyff week on BTLM, we’ve put together a video compilation that attempts the challenging task of deconstructing the genius of Johan Cruyff and distilling it into five brief sequences of play. These moments from his time with Ajax, Barcelona and the Dutch national team perfectly demonstrate his mastery of the ball, his fierce football intelligence, his athleticism and his sheer impudence.

Johan CruyffThere are many moments of brilliance and improvisation from his career to be found, but if you were introducing someone to the joy of Cruyff for the first time, these are the five sequences that do best justice to his rare talent.


The Two-Toucher, AJAX v Den Haag 1972

The Karate Kick, BARCELONA v Atletico Madrid 1973

The Cruyff Turn, NETHERLANDS v Sweden 1974

The Lob, AJAX v Haarlem 1981

The Two-Step Penalty, AJAX v Helmond Sport 1982

4 thoughts on “Johan Cruyff in Five Steps

  1. Brilliant stuff. “The Two-Toucher” ist my favourite non-team-goal in football history. Simple football is the hardest to play, isn’t it?

      1. So true. But the question remains: Would the shot be even better if the keeper doesn’t manage to make contact with it? Or does it make the shot even better?

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