The Lost Champions Of Northern Ireland Reimagined

Northern Ireland sporting flagA follow-up post to The Lost Champions of Northern Ireland in which we indulge in a flight of fancy and attempt to reimagine what the strips of our lost Irish champions might look like were those clubs still active today.

Belfast Celtic (14 time winners between 1900 and 1948) and Queen’s Island (1924 winners) are our two extinct national champions from the province and, as well as a modern update of their historic shirts, we’ve given them contemporary sponsors.

Belfast Celtic do their bit for local tourism by carrying the logo of the city’s popular Titanic Experience attraction while Queen’s reconnect with their 1920s roots by taking the name of Harland and Wolf. Nine decades ago the club was a short-lived yet successful works team of the major Belfast-based shipbuilders who were responsible for the construction of the RMS Titanic – just to bring us full circle.

As ever these fascinating reimaginings are the work of Chris Oakley whose considerable body of work can be viewed at his Kitbliss site. Click the strip designs below to enlarge.

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